Urbanscape + Partners is an African rooted global studio specialising in sustainable architecture, urbanism, commercial, industrial, retail, residential, interior design and Graphic design, founded by Tawanda Dhlakama.  The growing team making up the practice is establishing a global presence, with branches set out to grow across 6 continents, the dynamic team share a vision for innovative and contextually responsible design. Urbanscape +Partners prides itself in working as a single studio that is both ethnically and culturally diverse.



·A culture of service,

·A language of community engagement

·A currency of innovation,

·A lifestyle of continuous research,

·An attitude of gratitude,

· A mandate for action,

·A method of teams,

·A standard of excellence achieved through speed, accuracy & quality.

Our approach

Our philosophy is to create structures that are ecstatic in form, respecting the context, harnessing user and environmentally friendly functional spaces, Integrated with a lifetime of continuous research which is inscribed in every design. Consequently creating well-articulated indoor and outdoor public spaces that engage with their immediate cities and surrounding communities to achieve the highest potential of every project.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do from design to project management.  We evaluate all projects against international standards while developing bespoke strategies that drive our green environment agenda. To build sustainably requires us to design holistically, and our unique integrated design approach enables us to develop innovative strategies that have a firm focus on the future of the environment and also to achieve the (United Nations) UN sustainable development goals.


Our expertise ranges from architecture that engages the senses and capturing the eye, master planning for cities,  regenerating schemes for neighbourhoods, planning for a new public transport system, retail, commercial, industrial and residential. In all these sectors we possess an innovative and dedicated approach to the design, document and the execution of projects with excellence achieved through working closely with urban designers, landscape architects, interior designers, architects and technicians in a collaborative creative process that seeks to find holistic solutions to each individual project distinguishing us to be best in the industry.


A lifestyle of continuous research is inscribed in every design we put on paper, integrated into well-articulated indoor and outdoor public spaces that engage their immediate cities and their surrounding communities. We believe by empowering communities, we will achieve our National Development program goals.

Urbanscape + Partners is also focused on using cutting edge BIM computer technology in its design and project management processes, both to understand the design and to communicate the design to our clients. As part of our design and community responsibility, Urbanscape + Partners strives to incorporate at all cost sustainable design principles and methods in our architecture,  with the greater goal to -

• Reduce carbon emissions.

•Reduce energy consumption.

•Reduce demand for raw materials and natural resources.

•Reduce and recycle waste and by-products. (Include bullets )

• Research and invent new environmentally friendly building materials and standards

Urbanscape + Partners(Pty) Ltd has a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment rating of LEVEL .... under the Construction Industry Transformation Charter. The company is 100% black-owned.